Welcome to Jessica M. Studio

Where I help Entrepreneurs and business owners eliminate the overwhelm and attract their ideal client & customer.

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Two ways we can work together


Web Design

Needing a new website designed or one re-designed? You’ve come to the right place!


Social media management

Needing more time in your business and your social media taken care of?


Hey there,

I’m Jessica, currently located in Sydney, Australia where I was born and raised.

I’ve always wanted to start a business, and it wasn’t until I was travelling for 6 months when I realised that money was running out fast. This gave me the kick I needed to create a business I love, serving clients that are passionate about their businesses!

I’m a lover of smashed avocado, walking by the ocean (I know it’s cliched, but how can you not!?!), and fitness.


When I was younger I wanted to be: An Olympic Swimmer, I idolised Susie O’Neill

Favourite Movie: Kings Speech

Favourite Comedy series: Brooklyn 99 (Guys get on this immediately! So good!)

Favourite travel destination: Ohh it’s a tie between Dubrovnik and Paris. Love these two cities!

I look forward to getting the opportunity of working with you!