Three Biggest Mistakes you're making on your website (and how to fix it)

three biggest mistakes you're making on your website | Jessica M. Studio | Web Design | Squarespace and Shopify

Your website holds an immense amount of value for your business. I recently started doing free website audits on my Instagram to help entrepreneurs and business owners optimise their homepage because it can greatly affect whether you’re attracting your ideal clients and customers and keeping them on your website.

A strategic and beautifully designed website allows you to build credibility for your business and brand. It allows you to set yourself apart from your competition and stand out as an expert. However if you have these following common mistakes on your website than you could be losing out, not only for you but also for your business.

So I am laying out the biggest mistakes that are hurting your website and how to fix them so you can up-level your online presence.

Mistake one: Low quality & off-brand Images

This is a big no no. Imagine you go to a website to find out about a product and/or service and when you arrive, the images are blurry , cropped weirdly or off-brand? Are you going to think that this is a credible brand or not?

confused gif

You need to be using high quality images that are on-brand. Say you’re a makeup artist and your ideal client arrives on your site. As soon as the page loads they see an image of you and your pet, they are going to be very confused by what you offer and probably leave because that’s not what they are on your site for. For a lot of your visitors it may be the first time they’ve come across your business so you need to put high quality and relevant images on your site to keep them interested enough to consume more content and invest in your services.

Mistake two: No/limited Call to action (CTA)

This is essential to your website. For those of you who don’t know, CTA’s are basically buttons that lead your visitors to another page on your website, such as ‘learn more’ ‘shop now’ ‘find out more’ ‘push don’t pull’. These buttons encourage your visitors to take a step towards becoming a customers. Your customers need them - basically if you don’t give them an option to gain more information and consume more content they will leave. It allows for a seamless journey throughout your site to YOUR desired destination, whether that be to book a consultation call etc.

Make sure you have them throughout your site!

square CTA button example

Mistake three: No unique selling position statement

When visitors and on your homepage, it takes them a few seconds before they jump ship - the way to encourage and invite your IDEAL clients and customers to stay is by communicating the information they need to stay on your website longer. Now in order to have your unique selling position statement you have to answer three very important questions:

  • Who you are?

  • What you do?

  • How you help your clients and or customers?

This will ensure you have an effective header and will keep them on your website longer to consume content. We want them to stay longer because the more content they consume, the more they know, like and trust us and in turn wil eventually want to invest in our services and buy our products.