How Entrepreneurs should be using Highlights on Instagram


How entrepreneurs should be utilising Highlights on Instagram is fairly simple; use it as a mini portfolio. That allows your potential audience to get an overview of what you do, and how you do it.

Highlights are fairly new to the Instagram scene, only being implemented less than a year ago. They are the little circles that stay underneath your bio, where you can add images and videos. As an Entrepreneur this is something you should definitely be using.

To create highlights you can do so by using Canva, they have templates for you to use - it does say Instagram stories but they are the same size.

To add to your highlights, you simply film or upload onto Instagram stories and from there, click on the icon in the bottom corner to add to your highlights.

Each circle allows entrepreneurs to add ‘Highlights’ of their business. This is so important, because as we know social posts move quickly and get lost on our feed and gets affected by who can and can’t see it. However with Highlights they are always there, and when your potential client/customer arrives on your homepage they can go straight to view these highlights.

Like a portfolio.


These highlights should be something that resonates with you, your business and what your potential client/customer wants to see.

As a web designer, you can see my highlights below in the image and on my Instagram page. Obviously, seeing Websites - my past work, is important as to whether they like what I do and are able to see my capabilities, Client Love is important so they can see how my past clients thought of working with me and whether they too want that seamless experience. Blogs are important because it allows my audience to see the content I am producing that teaches them something new or exciting. I have added JM (my initials), for a little more BTS footage, where they can get to know me a little more.

Other Instagram Highlight ideas include:

  • Results - What results have you produced for your past or current clients?

  • Services - What services are you offering at the moment?

  • Availability - What is your upcoming availability? Do they have to join a waitlist?

  • Challenge - If you have a challenge, post about it, what it entails etc

  • Freebies - What valuable content are you giving away?

  • Offers - What special offers do you have at the moment?

  • Journaling - Prompts, for those who may be mindset coaches, give them daily prompts etc

  • Quotes - Inspirational to share and keep your favourite ones at the top

  • Events - Are you speaking at any upcoming events? Let them know where they can find you and learn from you

  • Seen by - If you sell products and your customer tags you in a photo, print screen, and share it in your highlights.

Do you utilise Instagram stories? How do you use them? What do you share?