Ten ways to repurpose your content


Repurposing your content can be so beneficial to you and your business. It allows you to take a piece of original content that you may have written or recorded (in the past or recently) and repurpose it in different ways and across different platforms.

Hubspot has a great definition of what it really means to repurpose content “When you repurpose a piece of content, however, you're doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content.”

This is a great way to get exposure and reach different people, depending on that platforms they use. It also saves you time, with have to edit and assemble a whole heap on content, when you have all the details there. You just need to extract certain points and produce it in a different form.

Here are the ten ways you can reproduce your content and WOW your audience on different platforms:

  1. Write a blog post

    If you went live inside of a Facebook group, turn that content into a blog post and share it online while promoting it across your social platforms

  2. Create an infographic

    This allows you to produce something visual using icons and short text from your original blog post and sharing this on your platforms. Infographics do great on Pinterest!

  3. Have a newsletter automated series

    Break up your original content into points and go into more details, spacing it out into a newsletter and spreading it across a few days, sending it to your email list

  4. Turn it into a social post

    Whether that be on Instagram or Facebook. Pair it with visuals and even break it out into the main points sharing it on one day or over the space of a few days

  5. Record a podcast

    Get your original piece of content and record it with a microphone and share it with the world

  6. Create a webinar

    Take your key points and deliver them in the form of a powerpoint

  7. Live series

    Go live! Whether it be in a Facebook Group or page as well as Instagram. Allow for interaction with your community so you can answer any questions they may have

  8. Create an IGTV episode

    Turn your content into an IGTV. So Instagram has allowed you to have a channel on your Instagram that allows for videos that go for longer than a minute. Utilise this and turn your original piece of content into an IGTV episode. Remember it has to be filmed portrait.

  9. create a downloadable pdf

    You can create this on CANVA, download it and share it on your Facebook page, or get people to sign into your email list and send the pdf via your email newsletter.

  10. Create a youtube channel

    Create a youtube channel and share your original piece of content in the form of video

So here are the ten ways you can repurpose your content, to save you time and spread your exposure across multiple platforms in multiple forms.

Do you like to repurpose your content?