Do I own content on my Squarespace website?

squarespace own content

This is the big question I hear from business owners looking into building their site on Squarespace. ‘Do I own the content on my Squarespace website?’. A lot of people assume they don’t, but I am here to deliver some good news!

You do own the content you upload onto Squarespace. You own the content and domain name, however the template that you’ve used with Squarespace, well that’s theirs. You can easily export your content if you’re thinking of moving to another platform, you will however lose the CSS coding you’ve done on the backend.

Now, you’ve probably thinking , ok cool, but how can I be sure this is true, well if you take a look at the terms of services provided by Squarespace you will find a little paragraph that states the following:

Screenshot (11).png

If you want to read more, you can find the terms of service here.

I hope now that you have this knowledge, you’re more receptive to look further into Squarespace, because it is an awesome platform.