How to keep visitors on your homepage (with an effective header)

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The header of your website is an extremely important part of your homepage. This is where your visitors land and make the decision as to whether they are going to stay or leave. Now as a business owner or entrepreneur your main aim is to keep your ideal clients and customers on your website, not everyone, because it’s our ideal clients and customers who are going to want to consume your content and invest in you when the time comes.

So to ensure they stay, there are three important questions that you need to answer:

Who you are?

This can be done through showing your logo in the header, in line with your navigation or through text, whether that be the name of you and/or your business in the header on top of an image 

Melyssa Griffin - Pinterest - blogger - website header example

What you do?

This can be illustrated really simply with an image of you and your work, for example if you’re a make-up artist you can have one of you doing someone's makeup or a flatlay of all your make-up pieces. If you’re an online business manager, you can have an image of you working at your computer. Please ensure these images are on-brand and relate to the services you provide - so if you’re a web designer, don’t have an image of you and your pet, because people have searched you for your services and if they see that they will be confused and probably leave - even if you’re instagram following understand how much you love your pet - it doesn’t matter if you could be scarring off new customers who are brand new to finding you. 

Sunny Lennarduzzi - youtube

How you do it? The transformation? What you offer?

This is the most important question you can answer. You can do it by answering anyon of the three questions there:

How you do it? Creating unique brands and beautiful websites that attract your ideal client and customers while upleveling their business

The transformation? Helping women over 50 lose 10kg in 12 weeks with my hands on program

What you offer? BossBabe is one of the fastest growing digital communities for unapologetically ambitious women (see below example)

bossbabe - website header example

BONUS: Now this doesn’t have to always be in the header but put it as close to the top as you can. Add a Call to action - drive people to find out more, shop now or learn more. It’s really important that you lead them somewhere as CTA’s can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion.

So these are the three questions you need to answer to ensure you have an effective header that will keep your ideal clients and customers on your website, which will lead them to consume content, know, like and trust you, and in turn invest in your services and purchase goods.

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