5 reasons you should invest in web design

five reasons you need to invest in web design

Your website holds so much value for your business.

Think about it.

Do you want a place your potential clients and customers can visit at any time of the day?

Do you want them to make a judgement of your business as being the one that's credible?

Do you want to have a place that attracts your ideal clients and customers and has them turning into paying clients and customers?

If you answered Yes! Then it's time to reflect on whether it's time to invest in your website.

I’ve discussed the 5 reasons you SHOULD invest in web design - and look I understand that investing is scary BUT the growth of your business depends on it.

Business is open 24/7

This means your website works while you sleep, allowing your ideal clients and customer to consume the content they need to know, like and trust you, resulting in the investment or your services and purchasing of your products at any hour of the day. So imagine waking up to a new lead form filled out by a potential client, or going into the salon and someone booking that last appointment for your day, all without you worrying about answering any questions etc because it’s all on your website. For service based businesses that sell digital products as well as e-commerce businesses, this means that you are able to wake up to emails of new purchases that helps grow your business or pay your rent.

Attracts your ideal clients and customers

Investing in web design means your website is being strategically designed that allows you to illustrate what you do and how you offer transformations or benefits. By doing this effectively you are able to attract your IDEAL clients and customers to your website, If your website isn’t designed in a way that speaks directly to them, then that means you could be missing out on potential leads and you just have an expensive hobby on your hands.

Showing you care about your business

If your IDEAL client or customer lands on your website and it’s outdated (looking like it was designed in the 90’s), if it has blurry images, no call to actions and an essay of content on the homepage (no one is going to read that because we have short attention spans and more likely to skim) are they going to think you care about them or your business? How is that going to affect your credibility if your website isn’t up to scratch. Your website needs to be beautifully designed, in a strategic way that gets your ideal clients and customers to want to stay and KNOW you CARE about your business.

Your website doesn’t work

If your website doesn’t work - you need to get a re-design. By not working, I mean if you have broken links, no structure, off-brand and blurry images that don’t resonate with what you offer. Do you think they will want to work with you? If it doesn’t work, it’s not going to work FOR you, which means you are missing out on working with ideal clients and customers.

It isn’t mobile responsive

According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead (Source: Impact Bound). If that isn’t the kick you need to become mobile responsive I don’t know what will work. Not only will you potentially lose clients and customers BUT you will also be affected by SEO, as now google focuses on websites being mobile responsive. So if your audience has to slide from left to right to read the text, or zoom in, then it’s time to get a re-design. More and more content is being accessed on the go, with more content being viewed on mobile than desktop. So it’s time to adapt if you haven’t already.

If you’re reading through this and know it’s time for a re-design get in touch with us and lets re-design you a beautiful website that up-levels your business and attracts your ideal clients and customers. Check out our packages here.

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