Free stock Image sites you need to use


Finding the right images, whether it's for your website, posting on social media or using for headers of social media, is vital. The most important thing, is making sure that the images are of high quality. If you aren’t using high quality images your visitors aren’t going to think that your brand and business is of high quality. Think about it, your friend has used a product and recommend you use it. So you do your research and find that their images aren’t of high quality, they are poorly cropped, and blurry. Are you going to be more or less inclined to invest in the product?

Another thing to ensure is that the images are inline with the type of business you do. So you wouldn’t use images that aren’t consistent with your business. E.g. if you specialisie in Make up artistry, and you post images of your pets 90% of the time, there is going to be that disconnect right?

So to ensure you use high quality images that are on point with your services/products it’s important to use stock image sites. There are a few free ones that you can use commercially (for your business) as well as personal.

Now it can get a bit confusing with all the imaging licenses out there, so the following two sites that I use regularly for projects are CCO licensed so you don't need to credit the author (although encouraged) or purchase rights to use the image commercially.


The images found here are of great quality and there is a wide range of options available to you. Just use the search bar to type what you want images of.  It also has a feature close to pinterest where are the top of the page it will give you options to find photos relevant to what you're searching. For example, if you search ´Camera´, it will come up with options like photography gear, vintage camera, nikon etc.


Pexels is very similar in layout as well a the high quality of the images available. The only difference is when you are downloading the image, it gives you the option to download different sizes.

So check your site and ensure you’re using images that are consistent with your brand and are high quality.