3 critical mistakes on E-commerce websites (that could be affecting sales)


Electrical Commerce, is also known as e-commerce and consists of the purchasing and selling of products or services through electronic systems like computer networks and the Internet. (Medium)

Being the era we are in now, with more and more content being consumed on mobile, on the go, wherever and whenever, it’s a critical time to get a store online. This allows for more reach across new audiences. However it’s not just a case of uploading your products online, adding an “add to cart button” and watching the sales roll in. Although I do hope that happens to you. You have to ensure that your website isn’t displaying the following mistakes.

If you have an e-commerce website and you’ve had a few sales here and there but not as many as you’d like or you’re hearing crickets, take a second to read these following critical mistakes and see if you can implement changes asap to help you. Please note that there are more factors outside of your website that could be affecting your website, but let’s kick it off.



As a business owner this is probably one of the main words you hear being thrown around.


Consistency allows for a cohesive and well-rounded brand. So whether you go to their website or social media, you will know what the business is just by the consistency in colours, fonts, illustrations etc.

The mistake I see is that there is no or little consistency across their website. Now i’m not just talking fonts and colours, I am talking photography as well. When you have photoshoots of your products ensure that it’s consistent in terms of the background, location etc. Ensure all your images are of the same size, in this case I’m talking whether they are all portrait or landscape because it will look cleaner on your website if they are all the same. Also ensure that they are delivered in the same way, so if you have an image of a skincare range, some bottles are close up or some are far away, this will look inconsistent and messy.

High Quality Images

High Quality Images are the number one mistake I see on e-commerce website, and if you’re doing this, I’m going to be completely honest;

You’re losing sales already!

High Quality Images should be your number one priority, if the images you have on your website are blurry - you need to get that fixed.

Think about this; You’ve heard about an amazing product from a friend and you want to buy it for yourself, so you go to the website, and the photos are blurry and not cropped properly so they are stretched.

  • What are going to be your first thoughts?

  • Are you going to think they are a quality brand? Probably not

  • Are you going to buy from them? Probably not

Invest in a having a photoshoot done, or DIY. Buy a lightbox and take the images yourself. You don’t need a flashy camera, because iphones take just as good of an image.

Proper use of a Header

Your header is the top section that you see on any page of your website. Specifically in this example I am talking about your homepage header. Now for those of you who don’t know, your customer, takes no more than 3 seconds deciding whether they are going to stay on your page, so you need to give them the information they need simply and effectively so they stay longer.

What information is that? Well you have to answer three questions;

  1. Who you are?

    You can see this through the use of a logo, or the name of your business.

  2. What you do or offer?

    This can be illustrated through an image in your header, or through a short statement

  3. How you help them or what your product does for them? (as in your customer)

    This is probably the most important of the three and the one I see missing from most sites! You need to simply and briefly tell them exactly why can help them! You need to think about them and put them first. So if this is missing, go in and add it!

A great example is the Seafolly website:


So here are the three critical mistakes that e-commerce stores could be making. So if you know someone running an e-commerce store or you are yourself, do a quick audit and make sure your website is good to go..