Why I use Asana to plan my Social Media


When I first became an Entrepreneur I was doing a trial and error on programs to see what would best fit and help me to get my life in order.

I was tossing up between Trello and Asana and I chose Asana to plan my Social Media. It’s a great program that allows me to do a variety of things to stay on top of my platforms. I also implemented it when I started working with my Social Media clients. Which allowed communication to be seamless.

If you’d like to see step by step what I do to plan and schedule my Social Media posts in advance across a few platforms, join me Wednesday 19th of September for a three day scheduling training session. Aiming to take the overwhelm away from scheduling.

So the reasons I plan Social Media with asana:

Lists and Boards

You have quite a few templates to choose from. Lists allow me to write out my process. I then duplicate that process for when ever I’m looking to (in particular) write and schedule blog posts one month in advance. This list ensures I don’t forget to do a vital step, like add tags and categories to the blog.

Boards allow me to plan out when I’m going to be posting what, and what I’ll be posting. This is what I used, to get my posts ready adding all the details I needed to ensure I was ready to post.


Tags allow me to colour code and be able to determine what post is for what platform. It also helps when I finish a blog, and I add the “scheduled” tag to know that I’m done and the post has been scheduled to go live.


When you click within a task on Boards, it allows you to:

  • Add a headline

  • Assign it to others (great way to share with your VA or Social Media client

  • Due date

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Comments

The comments section is great when communicating with Social Media clients, so that when you comment and submit a draft caption, they get notified that something has been updated and they can then leave a comment if they approve or want something changed.

You can also upload videos and images, so from there it’s easy to download and transfer to a scheduling program such as Buffer.

These are the main reasons I plan my Social Media with Asana. Do you do the same?